author of Karma On Ice

It’s been awhile since I have felt the need to sit down and personally blog.  I have so much going on though, I would be doing the world a disservice if I am not talking about my life (yeah I know sounds ignorant, but it is what it is).  First most of you know me, and if you don’t you will, I will not post every day probably.  Although I love writing it can be a bit tiring at times.  Second, I won’t be as vocal as I have in the past about private matters (lying through my teeth) and lastly I am learning to breathe! Yeah you read right, BREATHE.  Of course I have been breathing for 30 years, but up until recently I haven’t took a breath because I wanted to.  My cousin Jaye been telling me to do this for years.  Sooooooo now I tell myself every morning or whenever I just need to Breathe Goddess Breathe. 


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