author of Karma On Ice

As I place myself in Pac’s shoes for a minute and think about just the one thing I would need if we were forever constrained in this sinful world. Only one word flashes in my mind: SEXUALITY!  Not for one moment am I saying I would be a slut! Owning your sexuality doesn’t mean selling yourself short for attention or a wet bum. You still need to be smart, charming, and graceful.  However, I am saying know when to turn into the most sensual side of you. Dictionaries have defined sensual as being immoral, irreligious, or lewd. I laughed out loud when I read that. I’m sure it was written by a man. Some men have a problem with a woman in tune with her body, physically and mentally.  But that’s truly where real “grown womanish” sexuality comes from.

Know your powers and accept them readily in your everyday life. That is something that every woman should live by.  Being fully clothed in a modest outfit in a room full of people and demanding attention! Kissing your worried honey lightly but aggressive enough to let him know,” regardless of the outside world he is your everything”! Smile a seductive mischievous grin in order to get through a line, or help at work. Simple stuff!

You would think this day and age everyone knew that. But I still find myself shaking my head at how desperate some women are for attention. Shaking your ass and rubbing your tits to get in a club is what trashes you. Allowing yourself to be defiled by a group of men is pure TRASHASSNESS! No respectable man would even glance your way after that.   The ones who would take up with you would only be there to wreak havoc into your life.

I, for one, have been out the dating loop for years.  Being in a relationship  does not mean hold a funeral service for your sexuality. I still know how to reel in my Him for more than 13 years.  When I met him he was captivated by my three simple necessary tools of survival when dealing with male species: SMILE, BLUSH, AND A PIERCING STARE!  Once I gave him that I followed up with my knowledge of sports and world affairs.  To this day I’m sure  he is unaware that he only gave in to something  because the Goddess in me has willed him. I fully understand now,  at times I need to fall back and be simply just a woman. Does this mean a lifetime of submission? NO! It’s just becoming wiser and more in tune with myself.

I have learned it’s not all about screaming I’M INDEPENDENT!!! It is man’s purpose to protect us. Yes men are here for a reason ladies (other than leaving the damn toilet seat up) and we should all allow some of them the pleasure of keeping us company. A little bit of Aphrodite has never hurt anyone (well maybe a couple of Greek gods or two). That’s right Goddess! YOU control the universe. Your sexuality has no limit!  Please learn the difference between Skanktuality vs Sexuality!


Comments on: "All I Need In This World Of Sin…" (3)

  1. its a sad day out there, women are so far gone, there no coming back

  2. Hey girl, i so agree with you! Welcome back to blogging again, you know we enjoyed you and i’m looking forward to the journey!

  3. I never really understood why women walked around screaming the fact that they were independent when it’s probably not better than having a dependable man. But women only listen when it’s too late so I am like, “That’s right babygirl, you don’t need no man. Fuck that n*gga, all that.”

    When in reality, a woman needs a man just a much as a man needs a woman. I love how you stated that a healthy sex life doesn’t have to end due to marriage. It’s all about the Grown Woman in the wife, I can dig it.

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