author of Karma On Ice

The thought of weddings always bring an awwwww mushy mush moment for me. The beautiful flowers, gorgeous wedding gown, and the oh so cute flower girl! Who wouldn’t feel warm and fuzzy at such an occasion? Well lately its been me. It started back in 2008 with the wedding of my friend Jami( the neurotic bridezilla from the depths of the North Side). Such an exciting time! We laughed, cried, and really bonded. I was sad when it was over because we had so much fun(even though I couldn’t find a midget stripper to give her a lap dance). Shortly after I realized my wifological clock (yeah you read it right WIFOLOGICAL) had begun ticking. (In case you haven’t guessed that a wifological clock is like a biological clock, then TAA-DAA!). It’s haunting me. The constant tick tick tick has really begun to BOOM BOOM BOOM! But just what if it’s NOT my wifological clock that’s drumming on my eardrum? It just may be that darn “fairy tale” walt disney (yeah I’m STILL on that) bull and I really just want a wedding, and not really want to become a wife (picture a lit bulb here)!! Think about the one time I got married (look below for that) it was for snacks. The ACTUAL thought of being a wife makes me nauseous. Hmmmm……..what now?


Comments on: "WTF is a Wifological Clock?" (1)

  1. You really outdid yourself with this humorous read. If I thought that you were serious I imagine it wouldn’t have been as funny. But since I know that you are only kidding, yes, I laughed from beginning to end.

    The wedding without being a wife. I don’t think that’s possible, babygirl.

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