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(disclaimer-this post is about a reformed whore.  If you are with a woman who is currently doing these things I recommend that you get out.  And please go get tested.  Knowing your status is always important)!!!


 Over the years since the movie Player’s Club (I think that was the movie, hell I’m getting old) I repeatedly heard these words.  Back then in my teens I had the same sentiments.  I mean like who seriously wanted to be (dare I say it) the slutty girl? As soon as we could comprehend we were taught that the “fresh girls” were ok for a tryst here and there but never wife material.  No man wants a girl who has been around a time or two.  As I look back on that, my mind, at the time was a victim of manufactured chauvinistic bull shit.  I thought that thinking with the norm would mean that I too was normal.  Stepping outside the box on such a controversial issue was so not faboosh (Crysictionary = fa boosh derives from the word fabulous). 

 As time and my brain progressed and I had fully accepted this wonderful role of womanhood, I couldn’t help but notice that this way of thinking was one-sided as hell.  Everything is pretty much ran by men so naturally most of their ideals are heavily infused in literature, television, and all the other various mediums out there.  It bothers me to no end that they publicly ridicule this woman (you know the types that front when his “boys” are around) but when it’s just him and her, he trying to push up on her hard as hell.  Instead of trying to dead whatever nonsense is being said about her, he is too ashamed to admit that he is feeling her.  Regardless of all the rumors of mileage, or wear and tear she would be the perfect woman for him, BUT ONLY IN PRIVATE.

 All of this brings me to the million dollar question: IF JESUS CAN FORGIVE A WHORE, WHY CAN’T YOU?  Now before people get all up in arms about me saying Jesus forgives whores, let me make it clear that it is written that Mary Magdalene was used by the devil for sexual gratification.  She was on the brink of being stoned by the masses (all men I am sure) when she was saved by Jesus.  He cast out the seven devils inside her and she became one his most devoted apostles.  Remember when I said most literature etc was written by men?  Well why is it that we never seen the book of Mary Magdalene in any Bible?  She witnessed first hand many of his marvelous works.  She wept at the cross and was the first to discover he was NOT in the tomb.  I know had I saw all this I would have most definitely written about it.  That goes back to my point that society is not easy to forgive a whore, as if her words are discredited because of her appreciation for sexual desire.

 I am not condoning “whore” like qualities.  Do I respect a prostitute? Not so much, and that is only because she is doing it for the money or drugs or a pimp.  Do I believe that women can sleep with whoever they want to? Yeah, I really do.  Why you ask (I know you were asking)?  Because it is a woman’s prerogative to do whatever she pleases.  Do I think that your sexual needs being met all comes from a moral stand point? Sure, if you don’t have any gripes about what you are doing, why should others? Do I find it unfair that men feel as if they can decide who is a presentable woman vs a whore? You damn skippy! That grinds my gears.  I don’t even have to say that most men slut it up as soon as they realize that they can get it up.  We all know that.  And do I really have to say that the only reason men don’t like an “experienced” woman is because they have issues with their own abilities? 

 So this brings me back to my question earlier: IF JESUS CAN FORGIVE A WHORE, WHY CANT YOU SIR? 


Comments on: "The Mary Magdalene Effect" (3)

  1. Man. This is INSANELY hilarious. You should be ashamed of yourself for writing this! I am over here crying laughing. Why, why did you have to bring Jesus into this conversation? LOL! Then you have your very own dictionary. Too funny.

    I hardly ever admit but I learned the game from a prostitute myself. So whatever society discredits about a promiscuous woman, isn’t the end of all ends. I believe it’s more a matter of different strokes for different folks. No woman can be made to feel a certain way about herself unless she allows the feelings. I know more than a few women who exhibit questionable behaviors, yet have no delusions towards the ish.

    I believe what it all boils down to is – reality.

    To answer the question I wasn’t able to turn a ho into a housewife, that’s for sure. Maybe the next man had/will have better luck.

  2. In general you can not turn a ho into a housewife because the monkier is so many men will be still coming at her on some ho shit that she can’t resist to go back to her ways…lol!!

    Nah but on the real you bring up a good point but the truth is no man wants to be struting around the chick that every dude ran through. A woman at the end of a day is the reflection of the man.

  3. Gurl, handclap (Baptist style), standing ovation and a little “Dougie”. You said a mouthful right there and all of it true. As long as women allow men (gen pop) to label and decide who they are, we are only failing ourselves and our men. Some of the best hoes in town are some of the best wives around…because despite their past, they know how to keep their men happy 🙂

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